Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tomorrow is another day...

Yes 'tis...and I have finally discovered a purpose for this blog. It will be my official rant place. Yep. I don't have old xanga is pretty much dead so...welcome to the world of the absolutely boring Miss Selah! Warning: reading this blog will be a complete and utter waste of your perfectly good time. Besides which, it’ll most likely be the cause of a few lost brain cells. So can’t say I haven’t warned you. =P Also, my fingers have often been known to be uncontrollable, having a mind of their own- for some reason they find it quite humorous to type in British. (Don’t ask me how, but they seem to think it’s awfully funny!) And by now I figure I’m talking to myself, as everyone else has packed their bags and left for more exciting

Friday I learned a new word. Yes, I did. Learning new words is an exciting thing because it’s like you’ve been introduced to a new character in the world of conversation. There are some funny characters too- like “Mr. Avocado” or just happy, satisfied with life ones like “Puppy”. Then there are those fancy cocky French ones such as “Frau Repertoire”...and I found a new one to add to my small civilization of speech. It’s my new man “Masseuse” or, ‘one who gives massages’. It sounds French...I’ll have to look that up. You probably already knew it, but I didn’t, and cool words make me happy. Feel free to share any that you know...newcomers are always welcome.

I was told last night that I had seen the “movie of all movies” as stated by my parents. It was quite the four hours of drama...the “ultimate Southern romance”. Frankly, my dear...I thought it was pretty well acted! Loved Melly and Mammy....and I saw Clark Gable for the first time. Yeah it made my parents feel real young...hehe. But the end! Nooo......! I absolutely despise those kinds of endings! Scarlett finally figures out she loves Rhett....but Auughh!!!! And it leaves you hanging!!! So now you have to actually conjure up your imagination and create your own ending! (Did you like my big word?) But’s ok. Tomorrow is another day! I’ll think about it then...
And by the way, it’s “Gone with the Wind” for all of you who haven’t seen “the” movie.

Hey whoever is reading poor deprived souls...pray that I’ll do alright on my permit test thing sometime when I take it in the next couple weeks....I could sure use it!

That’s all folks! *insert happy cartoon music*


Mrs W said...

Honestly, reading a lot of blogs is a waste of time but as women we just do it anyway even though we have much better things to do haha.